AldArt. Art of Metal.

MJ-160207-Aldart-004It always fascinated me to work with metal.
It’s strange because it doesn’t seem to be feminine, or does it…:)
After much thought I decided to act, and so I created my first work of metal. 
Previously I worked with other materials, like corks from wine bottles.
This resulted in a lamp in the shape of a bottle.
However the corks (used, because only then they have their story) are difficult to get, you need to drink a lot of wine with friends!
That’s why it isn’t easy to get enough of them and make a lamp.


Lampa korkowaSo I decided to create sculptures of metal. Bodies of women, standing or hanging against the wall, adorning the interior of modern as well as traditional houses. While sculptures placed in the garden give it a unique and original character.

I believe it’s an idea for custom arrangements of house interiors and green spaces.

al3The woman’s body with stand has a height of approx. 170 cm.
Without stand approx. 97 to 100 cm.

The metal isn’t protected against corrosion, which sometimes add to its charm and naturalness.

If you’re interested in ordering metalwork, please contact us via the form at the bottom of the page.

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